Package com.bulletphysics.collision.shapes

Collision shapes.


Class Summary
BoxShape BoxShape is a box primitive around the origin, its sides axis aligned with length specified by half extents, in local shape coordinates.
BU_Simplex1to4 BU_Simplex1to4 implements feature based and implicit simplex of up to 4 vertices (tetrahedron, triangle, line, vertex).
BvhSubtreeInfo BvhSubtreeInfo provides info to gather a subtree of limited size.
BvhTriangleMeshShape BvhTriangleMeshShape is a static-triangle mesh shape with several optimizations, such as bounding volume hierarchy.
CapsuleShape CapsuleShape represents a capsule around the Y axis, there is also the CapsuleShapeX aligned around the X axis and CapsuleShapeZ around the Z axis.
CapsuleShapeX CapsuleShapeX represents a capsule around the X axis.
CapsuleShapeZ CapsuleShapeZ represents a capsule around the Z axis.
CollisionShape CollisionShape class provides an interface for collision shapes that can be shared among CollisionObjects.
CompoundShape CompoundShape allows to store multiple other CollisionShapes.
CompoundShapeChild Compound shape child.
ConcaveShape ConcaveShape class provides an interface for non-moving (static) concave shapes.
ConeShape ConeShape implements a cone shape primitive, centered around the origin and aligned with the Y axis.
ConeShapeX ConeShape implements a cone shape, around the X axis.
ConeShapeZ ConeShape implements a cone shape, around the Z axis.
ConvexHullShape ConvexHullShape implements an implicit convex hull of an array of vertices.
ConvexInternalShape ConvexInternalShape is an internal base class, shared by most convex shape implementations.
ConvexShape ConvexShape is an abstract shape class.
CylinderShape CylinderShape class implements a cylinder shape primitive, centered around the origin.
CylinderShapeX Cylinder shape around the X axis.
CylinderShapeZ Cylinder shape around the Z axis.
IndexedMesh IndexedMesh indexes into existing vertex and index arrays, in a similar way to OpenGL's glDrawElements.
InternalTriangleIndexCallback Callback for internal processing of triangles.
MinkowskiSumShape MinkowskiSumShape is only for advanced users.
NodeOverlapCallback Callback for operating with OptimizedBvh.
OptimizedBvh OptimizedBvh store an AABB tree that can be quickly traversed on CPU (and SPU, GPU in future).
OptimizedBvhNode OptimizedBvhNode contains both internal and leaf node information.
PolyhedralConvexShape PolyhedralConvexShape is an internal interface class for polyhedral convex shapes.
QuantizedBvhNodes QuantizedBvhNodes is array of compressed AABB nodes, each of 16 bytes.
ScaledBvhTriangleMeshShape The ScaledBvhTriangleMeshShape allows to instance a scaled version of an existing BvhTriangleMeshShape.
ShapeHull ShapeHull takes a ConvexShape, builds the convex hull using HullLibrary and provides triangle indices and vertices.
SphereShape SphereShape implements an implicit sphere, centered around a local origin with radius.
StaticPlaneShape StaticPlaneShape simulates an infinite non-moving (static) collision plane.
StridingMeshInterface StridingMeshInterface is the abstract class for high performance access to triangle meshes.
TriangleCallback TriangleCallback provides a callback for each overlapping triangle when calling processAllTriangles.
TriangleIndexVertexArray TriangleIndexVertexArray allows to use multiple meshes, by indexing into existing triangle/index arrays.
TriangleMeshShape Concave triangle mesh abstract class.
TriangleShape Single triangle shape.
UniformScalingShape UniformScalingShape allows to re-use uniform scaled instances of ConvexShape in a memory efficient way.
VertexData Allows accessing vertex data.

Enum Summary
ScalarType Scalar type, used when accessing triangle mesh data.
TraversalMode Traversal mode for OptimizedBvh.

Package com.bulletphysics.collision.shapes Description

Collision shapes.