Class AxisSweep3

  extended by com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.BroadphaseInterface
      extended by com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.AxisSweep3Internal
          extended by com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.AxisSweep3

public class AxisSweep3
extends AxisSweep3Internal

AxisSweep3 is an efficient implementation of the 3D axis sweep and prune broadphase.

It uses arrays rather then lists for storage of the 3 axis. Also it operates using 16 bit integer coordinates instead of floats. For large worlds and many objects, use AxisSweep3_32 instead. AxisSweep3_32 has higher precision and allows more than 16384 objects at the cost of more memory and bit of performance.

Constructor Summary
AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin, Vector3f worldAabbMax)
AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin, Vector3f worldAabbMax, int maxHandles)
AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin, Vector3f worldAabbMax, int maxHandles, OverlappingPairCache pairCache)
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin,
                  Vector3f worldAabbMax)


public AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin,
                  Vector3f worldAabbMax,
                  int maxHandles)


public AxisSweep3(Vector3f worldAabbMin,
                  Vector3f worldAabbMax,
                  int maxHandles,
                  OverlappingPairCache pairCache)